How to Use Curves to Adjust the Tones of the Picture in Photoshop

How to Use Curves to Adjust the Tones of the Picture in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to use curves and how to use curves to get the best out of your image in Photoshop.

01. Curves can be accessed from the Image – Adjustments – Curves.

02. A new window opens when you go to curves. At 1st you will see a diagonal line in the center. That line can be moved and a picture changes accordingly. If you just move the line upwards from the center, everything on the picture goes lighter. The more you raise the line, the lighter the picture goes. Sometimes it is good to give more light to the picture but never overdo it as on the picture below which is for educational purpose.

03. If you move the line downwards, everything on the picture goes darker.

04. The most common way to put the line is to create a slight S curve. That creates a perfect balance in the darker and lighter parts and tones up the picture nicely. But there is even better way!

05. As mentioned above, there is a better way to adjust the colors and contrasts. Do you notice the 3 eyedroppers at the bottom. Click on the 1st and then select a darkest part of your picture. See how the dark parts changed?

06. Then click on the middle and select your grey tone on the picture, then click on the last eyedropper and pick a light color from your picture. Like this you have perfect balance between all the shades and highlights and the picture is contrasted very nicely.

07. Just look at the before and after. The colors are now much more vibrant and you know how to use the Curves tool!