Fill in the Missing Parts of the Picture Using Content-Aware in Photoshop CS5

This tutorial will show you how to fix a picture that for one or another reason is missing some bits and instead of just cropping the picture in half to exclude the missing parts, you can keep all of your picture with all the content in Photoshop CS5.

01. Lets say you made a panorama with your camera, you uploaded your pictures on the pc, opened Photoshop, put the pictures together but now some parts are missing since every picture was taken with a different angle. 1st, make sure that your picture is Flatten. If you have one or more images, just select them all, right click and choose Flatten Image.

02. Now select the Magic Wand tool and holding a Shift down select all the parts that are white and missing the content.

03. Press Delete button (or Shift + Delete) to access the Content-Awareness, there just press OK.

04. And voila, everything is filled. Since the Content-Aware doen’t always do a perfect job, then some parts where there are white lines or such needs to be fixed. For that take the Spot Healing Brush Tool, set it to Content-Aware, set the size of the brush according to the problem size and paint over the problems.

05. And your picture is completely fixed without any cropping.

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