How to Create a Paper Note in a Background Pocket in Photoshop

How to Create a Paper Note in a Background Pocket in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to create a paper note as it would be in a pocket of a background.

01. Create a regular background with a color of your choice.

02. Now take the Rounded Rectangle Tool and drag your desired shape. It can be any color but should be noticable from the background.

03. Double click on your rectangle layer (Window – Layers) and from the popup click on the Drop Shadow. There choose a darker color for the shadow, set the angle to about 30, distance to 1 and size to 1.

04. Not take the Type tool and insert your desired text. It can also be logo or logo and text mixed.

05. Now hold down Ctrl and select the note and the text layer, right click and choose Merge Layers. Then go to Edit – Transform – Scale (or just Ctrl + T) and rotate the note a bit.

06. Create a new layer (Layer – New – Layer at the menu), pick the Marquee Tool, select half the area of the note and fill it with the same color as your background is.

07. Again, create a new layer, take the Brush Tool, set the color to black and with a bigger soft brush, make a one time dot on the background.

08. Now drag from the layers window the black circle layer between the note and the coverer layer. Then, while the circle layer still selected, go to Edit – Transform – Scale and move the circle on its right position and make it flat. Press Enter when you see good amount of shadow peaking in the middle of the note.

09. Give some finishing toutches with the eraser tool bu erasing all of the extra parts of the shadow that were showing from the sides or under the coverer.

And your note is safely in the pocket of your background. What a perfect way of displaying your logo or text on a background!