How to Create Creamy Caramel Text Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to make your text pop with creamy caramel effect.

01. First you need to do is take the Horizontal Type Tool and type in your text. The effect will be at its best when the font is a bit bolder and not very narrow.

02. Now double click on your text layer or go to Layer – Layer Styles and choose Color Overlay. There set the color to a nice orange or lighter brown. Then move on to Drop Shadow and set a small dark brown shadow under your text. Do not close the window yet.

03. Now proceed to Bevel and Emboss where you should set a smooth inner beveal to your text. Be sure to select the Style, Technique, Depth, Direction and other things as shown below on the picture. Still, keep the window open.

04. Now lets go to Inner Glow. There choose the color dark brown but not too pastel but more vibrant one, set the Blend Mode to Multiply and also set the other values. Already the caramel has started to look more realistic. Do not close the window yet.

05. Now go to Satin and add more shine with the white Overlay color. Then go to Stroke and add a dark brown stroke around your text. Now you can click OK and close the window to add all the effects on your text.

06. Now you need to make a duplicate of your text layer. For that right click on your text layer and choose Duplicate layer. Now you have two of the same layers, but not for long. Double click on your duplicate or go to Layer – Layer Styles and choose Bevel and Emboss. Be sure to UNcheck all the other checkboxes! In Bevel and Emboss set the values to make the caramel look even more glossy and realistic.

07. And for the last step, go to Drop Shadow and add a small soft shadow below the text. Press OK. Your text is now ready.

08. Now lets add some accessorizing elements to the text, more precisely, drops of caramel. You didn’t think you can write the text without dropping any, did you now? For that take the Ellipse Tool and draw some circles. Then right click on your original caramel text layer and choose Copy Layer Style, then right click on your circle layer and choose Paste Layer Style – now you have exactly the same effect added to your drop as your text is. Repeat the step with all your drops.

09. Add some more drops (hold down Shift key when drawing one circle into another to make them into one shape) and again, repeat the previous step to add the necessary layer styles to them.

10. And your creamy caramel text is ready. Isn’t that sweet or what?!

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